Five ways to Stop Hyperhidrosis

Excessive sweating can be very embarrassing and people do everything they can in order to minimize or stop sweating at all cost.. If you are a person who experiences excessive sweating then you understand how unpleasant it can be. The experience is always not good and I bet no one can tolerate being in such a circumstance. There are times when excessive sweating is acceptable like during sports, exercise, doing staffs which are too physical etc. However some times the sweating just becomes too much to bear. for example you are just in your office and you are sweating, in exams and you can not even write anything because your hands are full of sweat, mixed up in a situation where you van not even wear your shoes because of excessive sweating on your feet, on bed and you can not sleep because your whole body is like in a pool of water, the stress can kill you on dealing with this but good news is here.

In this article we will look on some possible solutions to stop excessive sweating. many people may not admit it as a problem but they secretly have to fight self wars to end this. Below are some ways which are very useful in stopping this condition.


Exercise helps in eliminating excessive waters in the body. The problem of excessive sweating may not be stopped immediately but this remedy extremely helps and the results will be evidently in very few weeks. Before going to that office hit that gym, make some body work or just have a walk it will greatly give you a positive results.

Wearing cotton undergarments

Cotton undergarments helps to keep the body cool. the cooler the body is the lesser the chances of sweating. Cotton garments also can act as absorbents as they can absorb the sweat hence making you fresh. In this connection one can also shift to wearing cotton cloths unlike the nylon ones which makes you sweat. i would recommend cotton t-shirts, pants, pajamas etc.

Changing your diet

Diet alone can not help in reducing excessive sweating but it takes great part in reducing this condition. Fatty foods and alcohol once removed from your diet will not only reduce sweating but also will improve your general health.

Consumption of cold water.

Cold water reduces body temperatures thus lowering sweating. the excessive sweating is as a result of reducing body temperatures thus if we will help the body system by lowering the temperature levels we will have gotten the solution to reducing excessive sweating. Water is not harmful in fact water is life so I would recommend you take a lot of it.

Relaxation technique

Engaging yourself in a relaxed mood always will help you get out of this embarrassing state of excessive sweating which makes you uncomfortable. A major cause of sweat is anxiety and stress therefore if you are relaxed and keep yourself from anxiety and stress will make you good. Yoga and meditation are good techniques which can result in relaxation.